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[S1E18] The Doctor __LINK__

Back at the motel, the youngest child Asher is sick and has been taken to the hospital. While Dean drives the mother to the hospital and interviews the doctor again, Sam researches similar occurrences and tracks the shtriga back to Black River Falls in the 1890s. Sam had thought it would be disguised as a feeble old woman, but this one is disguised as Dr. Hydeker - who is currently working at the hospital in Fitchburg, and is also seen in a photo from the 1890s. Sam cannot find any lore on what kills them, but Dean says John found out they are vulnerable when feeding, and to being shot with consecrated wrought iron buckshot or rounds. Sensing Dean knows more about the shtriga than he has revealed, Sam pushes him.

[S1E18] The Doctor


J.D. has a cancer patient, Aaron Simon, who is rude to him and the nurses. When Mr. Simon eventually dies from his illness, J.D. worries that he neglected the man and caused his death. Although a Morbidity and Mortality conference clears him of any fault, he still feels guilty, until Dr. Cox assures him that all doctors face these thoughts. 041b061a72

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