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Edwardstown Baptist Church

Edwardstown Baptist Church is a Jesus-centred community of people from all backgrounds

EBC is a contemporary expression of an ancient message.  Founded in 1901, EBC family have been faithfully pursuing the reality of God, and living like Jesus, in many areas of our community.   We love our community, we love the person of Jesus, and we seek to find fresh ways to love each other.  We value the Bible, we practise generosity, and we are inclusive of diversity in both culture and generations.  Our ultimate hope is that we can see our part of the world transformed and set free with the love of Jesus.  We see this in families, teenagers, singles, married folk, and in our mature age generation.

Our Vision

The church exists because there is a mission… It’s a mission that started in the heart of God, and is expressed in everything that God does, and everything that God initiates.  The local church, and every follower of Jesus, joins God in this endeavour.  It’s why Jesus came to earth.. to fulfill this mission.  That every part of creation be reconciled to God, to each other, and themselves.  This is the heartbeat of all that we do, of all that we believe.  And as we enable people to take their next step towards Jesus, they will find themselves taking their next step towards this fulfilment in their own lives.

Our Values

EBC is an intergenerational, multi-national community of Christ-followers who value faith, hope and love.

What We Believe


God communicated His thoughts

The Bible is God's Word to all people, and reveals His character, purposes

and ways.


God the Three in One

God has always existed as one God, but in three persons: God the Father;

God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Although each member has a

different function, they are all equally God, relate in perfect harmony

and unity and are responsible for our salvation.


God’s plan for community

The Church is a local community of believers unified through faith in

Jesus Christ. It is energised by His Spirit. It is committed to the teachings

of Jesus Christ, obeying His commands, and expresses itself through

loving one another. It will also seek to accomplish His mission in the

world by both word and deed. At the end of time, the family of God will live in perfect union with God.

Meet the Team


Dale Green

Lead Pastor


Yasmin Potts

Dan McGee

Womens & Operations Pastor

Families & Childrens Pastor

Eliud Kahalala

Creative Ministries Director


Tory Green

Young Adult Director


Paul Hunter

Tim Reedman

Kathryn Holman

Pastoral Care & Maintance

Ministry Coordinator

Finance Officer

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