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Let's Explore Community

Then click through and you'll find some reading information & some videos to watch.
At any stage please reach out & connect with us or ask any questions that you may have.

Below are a few easy-to-read articles on a community of people following Jesus called
"The Church". If you'd prefer something to watch click through when you're ready.

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Below are some great videos to watch. Head to the community channel to learn more about the "church".
When you're ready click through to keep exploring

At this stage, you may have some questions & we'd love to hear them.
Here are some ways to keep exploring more about who Jesus is &
the difference He can make in your life.

ALPHA is a great way to learn & ask all the big questions around life & faith with others who are also looking to EXPLORE. Often done in a small group around a meal but also online. Please register your interest in participating in an ALPHA group by filling our the form. Find out more about ALPHA here or click above to join!

Perhaps you'd like to connect with a welcoming and vibrant community in your area. We'd love to help you find a church community that's accessible to you. Click above...

Or send us a message and we will chat with you about what your Next Step towards Community might be! Click above...

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