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Gwen's Pantry

Gwen’s Pantry is an EBC Community Service Program and is open to anyone from the surrounding suburbs who are in need of some help. 

When you are going through a difficult time, the last thing you need to worry about is not being able to provide food for your family. People can come in and get some free food to supplement their pantry and have a coffee and a chat with one of our friendly volunteers. 

The pantry is also a place where we can develop friendship and provide support to people who are in need. 

We work in partnership with local supermarkets, Food Bank, Oz Harvest, Second Bite and Woolworths Cumberland Park to supply food for those in need. 

On average we assist 50 to 100 families with emergency food supplies. 

Gwen's Pantry is open Tuesday and Thursday each week between 10am - 12noon
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