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As Batman continues to keep tabs over Harley, he is alerted to a crisis at a pharmaceutical company, Gotham Industrial, which is under attack by Mr. Freeze, who is angrily searching the complex for a scientist named Isaac Evers, whom he believes sent him a promotional video for a drug developed by Evers, known as Promethium, for treating conditions on the cryogenically frozen. Freeze had apparently used the drug on himself and his wife, Nora, but to no avail, infuriating Freeze with the implication that Evers had sent him the tape to taunt him. After finding Evers, Freeze abducts him and escapes the complex in a helicopter. Batman gives chase in the Batplane and eventually rescues Evers, who explains his work and what Freeze was after. Batman tells Evers to go into hiding, and later returns to Gotham Industrial to learn more about Evers, eventually learning that the scientist had his funding pulled due to Promethium being far too unstable as it contains several flammable particles. Evers was able to successfully continue in his research after receiving funding from the Joker, implying Joker had plans of his own for the drug. Freeze and his gang then attack the facility again to find Isaac, destroying most of Isaac's lab in the process, but are eventually stopped by Batman with Freeze encased in ice from his own freeze gun. Meanwhile, Batgirl traces the transmitter that was previously given to Harley Quinn by Batman when he believed her to be Mary Flynn and finds it on Gotham's Mayor, Hamilton Hill, who is seen making a deal with a mysterious large man in a trench coat. Batgirl tracks the man to a metro train, but is discovered and attacked as Batman races to assist. As Batman reaches Batgirl and her attacker, the man jumps off the train and tears away in a stolen car. Batman and Batgirl pursue their suspect in the Batmobile, and causes it to crash off a highway outside the city. Batman investigates the wreckage, and discovers the man got away, and finds only an apple in the car.

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