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Let's Explore Who Jesus Is

Then click through and you'll find some reading information & some videos to watch.
At any stage please reach out & connect with us or ask any questions that you may have.

Below are a few easy-to-read articles on service, an ancient idea founded upon Jesus' values.
If you'd prefer something to watch click through when you're ready.

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Below are some great videos to watch. Head to the service channel to find out more.
When you're ready click through to keep exploring

At this stage, you may have some questions & we'd love to hear them.
Here are some ways to keep exploring more about who Jesus is &
the difference He can make in your life.

Edwardstown Baptist is a great place to serve & be served. From our community food assistance, disability friendship groups to serving families and children; there is a broad range of areas you could serve. Click above to join!

Perhaps you'd like a guide on your journey of exploration? How about a short weekly catch up with someone over zoom or in-person to Pray together or read the Bible? Here you can ask questions along the way and hear about Serving from His own words and stories. Click above...

Or send us a message and we will chat with you about what your Next Step towards Serving might be! Click above...

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