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We believe in your Generosity

Giving can be a touchy subject in our contemporary church context. But did you know that Jesus talked about giving/money often in his teaching? I think that one of the reasons might be that giving is one of the ways that we can measure what is going on in our hearts… And ultimately, God is concerned with the state of our heart.

Why we practice Giving?

The reason we encourage the practice of giving at EBC, is that we recognise that our life does not consist in “the abundance of our possessions”, like Jesus said.

Giving is a reminder that our security is in the character and purposes of God, not the size of our savings account. Secondly, as the recipients of God’s generosity, it is quite a natural response for us to imitate Him. Generosity begets generosity. Once we realise the ways that God has been generous with us, it’s quite amazing to see how we begin to echo this in our own lives, and in our own stewardship of money and possessions.

Thirdly – missions and ministry cost money. We seek to be faithful in how we use the money given to us. We seek to use it in a way that blesses our community, supports missionaries, and promotes Christian discipleship in our own context.

If you have any questions or concerns in how EBC allocates and uses the monies entrusted to us, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to chat.

If you have any questions about giving, please contact

God bless you in your journey towards generosity!

Way to Give

Reference: 'EBC Tithe'

BSB: 065 145

ACC: 00155524

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