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مجتمع EBC من الشباب يتخذون خطوتهم التالية نحو يسوع معًا

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iYouth is a community for all those in high school to come along, find friends and discover the person of Jesus and how He might IMPACT our lives.

We've got amazing leaders ready to chat and running our Friday nights. These nights consist of fun events, word & worship nights and small groups. 

Our main flow for the year is based around COMMUNITY, GOSPEL, FAITH and ACTION. 

COMMUNITY are nights focused on games and fun activities that are intended to build communities. 
GOSPEL consist of WORSHIP & WORD at Night. 


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مفتوح للصفوف الدراسية 7-12

الجمعة 7-9: 30 مساءً (خلال الفصل الدراسي)

إذا كنت ترغب في الشراكة مع iYouth في الخدمة ، فاتصل بـ Abe أو

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