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We have an opportunity to bless three new projects/programs/organizations. God has given us so much and as a church, we believe that He has asked us to be generous with what he has given us so that we can join His mission and share hope with others. 

How to be generious this Christmas

Bank Transfer for general

Reference: 'HOH GEN'

BSB: 065 145

ACC: 00155524

For Specific projects:



'HOH ANCHOR' for Anchor Day Care

'HOH BMA', for Therapy For Children with disabilities

'HOH WEST' for Westcare Whitmore breakfast program



Anchor Day Centre for Children in Ukraine

Operation Mobilisation

3 days a week school program for children from very disadvantaged homes, broken families, and low socio-economic areas. Some of the homes don’t have electricity or running water. 

The centre operates from 8am to 3.30pm. Each child is picked up in the morning, taken to the centre, provided breakfast and lunch, a desk and computer to do their lessons throughout the day. There is a helper to sit with each child and go through the lessons, helping where needed, loving, and caring for their student through the day. Currently there are 6 children and 5 helpers. The ministry would love to open it up to more children and more helpers, but current finances are limited. Extra financial support would go towards growing this ministry. 


The ministry is overseen by OM’s Aussie pastor Shane Paxa and his wife Jemimah Paxa. 


Costs of running the ministry include – food, fuel, stationary/craft/prizes, heating and electricity, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, small financial support to the helpers each month. 

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Theraphy For Children with Disabilities

Baptism Mission Australia

Smaller therapy resources such as toys, puzzles, games, boardgames, etc. These are important because of the work that is being done teaching communication, social skills and play skills, as well as developing some motor skills. Rach and Maria are currently also planning to begin running some group sessions to help parents of the children connect with each other (hoping for a small support community to form here), and to help the children develop social skills as they learn to play with each other. These resources will help with these new groups also. I.E. A parachute for play, and some basic musical instruments, and materials for messy sensory play. 


Also, to ensure more families have access to these programs, we will sponsor one day for the program. This act will mean the program moves from 4 days to 5 days. We will help to make a Friday program happen.



Whitmore Square Breakfast Program

Westcare Baptist Church

They engage those not willing to come to the Westcare Centre and build relationships. They serve breakfast to the vulnerables in the CBD areas. 

Fund will go towards a mobile trailer to assist with their extension programs in Whitmore Square and other CBD areas, including South Parkland.

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