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Grow KidsMinistryは、子供たちを成長させ、イエスを知り、すべての人に彼の愛を示します

Through GrowKids we lead kids to GROW wonder, KNOW Jesus and SHOW His love to all people. Our Sunday morning ministry provides age-appropriate activities and teaching. 
Seeds: under 3 yrs // Buds: Foundation to Yr 2 // Sprouts: 3-5 yrs // Trees: kids in Yr 3-6. 
There are opportunities to invest into next gen lives through GrowKids, the welcome team and other activities including: Playgroup, baby baskets and event set-up, pack down & prep. 


0 ~ 11 歳のすべての人が利用できます

日曜集会 午前10時(学期中)

サービスで GrowKids と提携したい場合は、Dan に連絡するか、

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