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Teracube Hands-on: Affordable Mid-range Android Phone With Unique 4-year Warranty Service !NEW!

Most smartphones last an average of 2 years or less. Teracube is engineered to last longer and is backed by the industry's first 4-year warranty to ensure you can enjoy your device with peace of mind. Teracube is good for our planet, too.

Teracube hands-on: Affordable mid-range Android phone with unique 4-year warranty service

Listen, nobody is buying the Teracube phone expecting a top-of-the-line powerhouse handset. This is essentially a mid-range, unlocked Android phone with very little in the way of fancy or unique features. The selling point is that you can theoretically use it for longer than your average smartphone, with the knowledge that it supposedly wasn't made under quite as exploitative of labor conditions.

If you, like me, are decidedly not the industrious type, then you can take advantage of Teracube's industry-leading "white glove" concierge repair services. Teracube pledges to support customers with a four-year Premium Care warranty, including hassle-free (and free) two-way shipping and low flat fees for accidental repairs. How low? $59 to fix a broken screen and $29 to replace a battery. Try to beat that at your local mall kiosk. Plus, Teracube has a deal with 4,900 UPS stores in North America where you can exchange your devices with a pre-paid label and even have your device shipped to the UPS store. The goal behind this extended warranty is to keep the phones in customers' hands for longer and thus keep them out of landfills for longer. And if that weren't enough, Teracube pledges to plant a tree for every 2e sold.

A battery that is replaceable along with a 4-year warranty and, low flat-fee repairs provides a compelling case for keeping your smartphone longer than 2 years. Additionally, the free two-way shipping and 3-year guaranteed software updates are welcome add-ons and unheard of in this price segment.


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