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Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgun Build [TOP]

I did some research on builds for Outlander and it seems that outlanders can go Focus build as well, its shown here. All in all it has made me damn interested in Torchlight 2 with all the builds you can have for each character.

Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgun Build

Reminiscent of the Vanquisher in the original Torchlight, the outlander is a class primarily focused on using ranged weapons such as pistols, shotguns and rifles. They can also utilize the Glaive, a magic boomerang of sorts that does not require a weapon equipped. This can be combined with many different passive abilities as well as summons. These abilites are broken into three skill trees; warfare for guns, Lore for the Glaive and Sigil for passives and summons.


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