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[S1E1] The Quest Begins VERIFIED

Livingston 1 is a great tracking studio with five separate live rooms all connected with line of vision sight. It should be a natural choice for Jazz bands, and in short we want to make it the number one studio in London for Jazz bands (and of course any other type of band). For this to happen though we knew there is one last piece to the jigsaw: a top quality recording Piano. The question was how to do it on a limited budget?

[S1E1] The Quest Begins


We then cut to two old men carrying enormous elf horns on their back. Nearby footsteps cause a startle and we see a bunch of Harfoots (a breed of Hobbits) appear out of nowhere. Some are hidden in the grass, others in the trees. Indeed, an entire civilization appears before our eyes and we immediately wonder if they have to do this every time someone passes by. I guess not, since Sadoc Burrows (the presumed leader) immediately questions why two hunters are wondering about this neck of the woods at this time of year.

One Aes Sedai, however, is on a quest to find the Dragon Reborn, a powerful mage who, according to prophecy, will either break or save the world. Moiraine, played by Rosamund Pike, and her Warder, Lan, played by Daniel Henney are on a quest to find the Dragon and prevent other Aes Sedai from finding him (or her) first.

"Welcome one and all to Dimension 20. Our cast of players will assume the role of heroic adventurers embarking on a dangerous quest. Our story takes place in the world of Spyre. Spyre mostly conforms to your expectations for a world of swords and sorcery with one notable exception, and that's Elmville. Elmville is a little town in a nation called Solace. Solace may be home to elves, orcs, dwarfs, and gnomes, but it resembles more of a 1950s through 1980s America. There are several schools in Elmville, but our story begins at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, the world's premiere training ground for would-be heroes. Our story begins with six freshmen on their first day of school, and the first bell's just about to ring. Without any further ado, Dimension 20 proudly presents... Fantasy High!"

It is AD 866. The life of Saxon boy Uhtred is turned upside down by his father's defeat in the Danish invasion of York. Taken by Viking warlord Ragnar and raised as a Dane, his quest begins to regain the Saxon lands of his inheritance.

Seanchai (a delightfully surprising appearance by Minnie Driver) is also canny in that she knows she needs to keep Jaskier invested in the tale. Therefore, she begins with the bard, The Lark, the Raven Clan warrior-turned-musician once known as Éile.

The first season of the world's first serialized NES game begins here! Join Allison, the multiverse's greatest treasure hunter (at least that's what she told us) as she explores the hills and valleys of Scribbletown.

A voice begins to call out to him, telling him that he needs to stop. He walks into his bathroom and is terrified to find his reflecting talking to him. The lights begin to flicker in his apartment as things start flying around the room, and Steven quickly runs out into the hallway, getting in the elevator. It stops on a pitch black floor, and a terrifying creature (Khonshu) begins walking toward him. He cowers on the ground in fear, only to realize that it was just an old woman. The creature pops up beside him, and suddenly Steven wakes up on the bus on his way to work. He sees Khonshu standing on the street, and Arthur is inside the bus looking down at him when he gets off.

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The Razor Crest travels to Nevarro and lands at a spaceport. Din Djarin walks through the streets into a cantina, which is frequented by various humanoids and other aliens. He meets with a dark skinned man named Greef Karga, an agent for the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Karga remarks that the job was done fast and pays Djarin in Imperial credits. Djarin refuses to accept payment, noting that the Empire does not exist anymore. Karga offers to pay him in Calamari Flan but adds that he can only pay half. Djarin reluctantly accepts his payment and begins off loading his cargo of bounties frozen in carbonite.

Queens focuses on four fortysomething women who were previously in a Hip-Hop group; they are now reuniting to recapture their fame after breaking up 20 years ago. The show begins by introducing each of the ladies of the former group, Nasty Bitches, explaining who they were then and who they are now.

The Scourge has Jade against a wall, but his arm is lopped off by Boorman. The evil begins to retreat, and only then do the heroes notice that Prince Airk is also gone. Visiting Prince Graydon saw the shapeshifting witch take him as he watched the battle from an upstairs window. 041b061a72


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