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Buy Speakers With Woofer Online !!TOP!!

A woofer is a speaker driver that reproduces low-pitched audio frequencies. The woofers use an electromagnet to generate the magnetic field and attached diaphragm, which moves with the alternating current of supplied power, creating sound waves as it vibrates back and forth. The woofer cone is made of a lightweight yet strong material such as paper or polypropylene.

buy speakers with woofer online

Anthony Gallo Acoustics: Anthony Gallo starts out our riveting analysis on a high note. They sell direct through their website and through national and international dealers. Their 60 day in-home trial is double that of most manufacturers and they will even pay the return shipping. The shipping to your home in the first place is also free. The speakers under question come stock with your choice of dark cherry or black ash veneers, but there are no custom options available. In order to obtain the full 5 year warranty you have to register the product within 60 days of purchase, otherwise the warranty is only one year. They aren't the only company to make you register their products in order to obtain a longer warranty, but it is an extra step that we would rather do without. Overall, the long trial period and free shipping both ways are great policies, we just wish you didn't have to register the speaker for the full warranty.

Axiom Audio: Axiom has been aroundfor a long time and they are certainly one of the most recognized ID brands.Their website is easy to navigate and they offer a lot of customizationoptions. Unlike some other companies, the price of the product updates in realtime as you select different customization options. The standard finish options are Black Oak and Boston Cherry. Vinyl upgrade options ($150/pr for M80s) include:Mansfield Beech, Light Maple, Ebony, Warm Cherrywood, Brushed Silver, andHeartland Maple. Real wood veneers add $490/pr to the base price. The speaker grille color, Axiom logo color, drivers, and feetare all customizable. You can even design your own rear speaker label for $5.Unfortunately, some of the upgrades are extremely expensive. For example, upgrading the finish to high gloss piano black costs an additional $876/pr and bumps the shipping time out to 30 days. Compare this to the SVS Ultra speakers (in the table above) which come standard with a high gloss piano black finish and premium cast basket midrange drivers with vented pole piece for about $1,250/pr less and you start to see how tricky it can be to compare apples to apples. The original Axiom M80s retailed for about $1100/pair when first introduced a decade ago. Now the nearly identical speaker with standard bass drivers and vinyl wrap retails for $1890/pair. That is quite a price increase!

Crystal Acoustics: Crystal Acoustics hasa professionally designed website, but it is cluttered and can be difficult to navigateat times. It also kept defaulting my region to the UK instead of the US, somake sure to check the region selected at the top of the main page. They do notoffer any upgraded finishes and the sender has topay shipping on returned products. With that said, they do offer free shipping and have one of the best warranties at 10 years for speakers and 2 yearson amplifiers. They are also tied with Anthony Gallo Acoustics for longest trial period of any manufacturer, 60days. My only real gripe is that thespeakers are only available in a black ash wrap with a glossy front baffle. For those interested in assembling a full blown THX system, some of Crystal Acoustics top of the line products come THX certified.

Emotiva: Emotiva is primarily an amplifier andprocessor company, but they offer an entire line of speakers. They have a 5year warranty on all of their products, which is above average for many deviceswith amplifiers, and free shipping is included with every purchase. There is astandard 30-day exchange policy where the consumer pays the return shipping.Similar to Crystal Acoustics, my only big complaint is that the speakers arenot available in anything other than matte black. It's relevant to note Emotiva products all feature premiumdrivers with cast baskets and vented pole pieces as well as air coreinductors and polypropylene capacitors for critical circuit components. The crossover design was done by industry legend Vance Dickason. On a special note, they dooffer a processor trade-upprogram where you can get 40% off of a new processor and you still get tokeep your original unit!

EMPtek: Tracking down the information on EMPwas a bit difficult because the information on their website is outdated and/orinaccurate. Luckily, with one quick call we were able to get the facts. Allorders over $50 qualify for free shipping and all products have a 30 day trialperiod. Return shipping is paid by EMP if you purchase any Impression seriesproducts. This makes for a truly risk free trial period similar to what Aperion Audio and SVS are offering on their speakers as well. For all other EMP product series you have to pay the return shipping. A 5 year extendedwarranty can be purchased for $30-$50, giving the speakers a 10 year warranty. TheImpression series speakers come in either a glossy black ash finish or redburl. Trust us, the red burl looks great. Kudos to EMP for offering a nicestandard finish and free shipping both ways on an already affordable productlineup. They just need to update their website!

Legacy Audio: Unlike most of the companies on this list, Legacy actually has a hybrid distribution model. They have about a dozen distributors around the USA and several more international distributors. This means you might be able to demo their speakers at one of their distributors before making a decision. They do offer a pretty standard 30-day trial period so you can send the speakers back if you don't like them. We were unable to track down a specific shipping cost on the product but the consumer is responsible for shipping both ways. Some of their top of the line speakers have free shipping to your home. They offer a solid 7 year warranty on speakers and 3 years on amps and other electronics. The standard finishes are all wood veneer and upgraded finishes include: Rosewood, Black Pearl, Birdseye Maple, and Olive Ash Burl. Custom finishes and upgraded components are available upon request. Like some of the other premium manufacturers here, Legacy products feature SOTA drivers and crossover components with. Their cabinets are hand built and assembled in the USA. While their products may not be for the thin of wallet, the shopper can buy with confidence that good parts and engineering are used throughout their product line. Finally, they do offer a Trade-up program for those who have upgradeitis.

NHT: NHT (now hear this!) began selling speakers in 1987. Their motto is"high-end, not high-price". NHT sells their products directly via theironline store, as well as through their network of authorized dealers.But all sales ship directly from NHT's factory. Dealers are encouragedto show but not stock products in order to keep costs to a minimum.

NHT speakers areavailable in one finish only: high gloss black. NHT offers freeshipping, a 30 day trial, and free return shipping within the USA.Warranty claims are all handled directly by NHT with a 5 year parts andlabor warranty on passive speakers, and a 3 year warranty on poweredproducts. Warranties are transferable if purchased through authorized dealers, but NHT can provideout-of-warranty repairs at reasonable prices at their Service Center inBenicia, California.

Orb Audio: Orb Audio has an odd but low shipping price of$9 on every order, no matter the size. All other policies are average or above average. They have a 30 daytrial period, 5 year transferable warranty, and two standard finish options: black andwhite. Optional finishes include steel, copper, bronze, and hammered earth. With the Mod2 system used in our comparison it costs between $30 and $60 per speaker for an upgraded finish. Upgrading the actual speaker is a little bit of a misnomer because you aren't upgrading individual parts in the speaker, rather you add more Orbs together to make a larger and more capable speaker. This upgrade process can be done with existing speakers and by the consumer, moving a Mod1 to Mod2, and Mod2 to Mod4, etc..., so you don't have do to an entire return/exchange if you want to upgrade.

RSL Speakers: RSL Speakers predates nearly all other brands on this list, but they are rather new to the ID race. Their website is easy to use and offers up a healthy dose of information about their company philosophy, speaker designs, and terms and conditions. All products ship free within the continental U.S., and international shipping is "heavily discounted." Even better, RSL's 30-day risk free trial means they will pay return shipping if you don't like the speakers. They don't offer any speaker customization, so you better like piano gloss black. One of their main selling points is their patented Compression Guide technology, which reduces cabinet resonances.

Tekton Design: Tekton is arelatively new brand, but has created quite a splash with their speakers. Youneed to be careful though, as there are a number of costs that may drive up yourprice. On the plus side, they offer multiple standard finish options, a 5 yearwarranty and 60 day trial period. One downside is that speaker grilles costextra and you will have to pay $200 for shipping to your home. If you send the productback you will need to pay another $200 (estimated) in shipping fees. Although those are all official policies listed online, we actually spoke with Eric Alexander, the President of Tekton Design, for some clarification. Over the last three months he has offered free shipping in the continental US and is likely to continue that policy through the rest of 2012. He also pointed out that the 15% restocking fee wasn't geared as a money maker, simply an effort to prevent people from test-driving his speakers without any intent to purchase. This is understandable because Tekton, like some of the other manufacturers on this list, hand build all of their products, in the USA, to order. As of 3/1/2016, Eric informed us he no longer charges a 15% restocking fee on his products and their upper end models come with FREE shipping so that's some good news for those on the fence about trying Tekton speakers. 041b061a72


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